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Manatā i roto i ngā kura

This section provides general information about copyright and licensing of material and how it affects New Zealand primary and secondary schools. In particular, it informs the main groups within school communities about their basic rights and responsibilities in relation to copyright material, and recent developments in legislation. It is a guide only and not intended to be legal advice or address every possible situation where copyright may be relevant.

To find out about recent developments in legislation go to: What is the Copyright (Infringing File Sharing) Amendment Act?

For an overview of  copyright legislation, go to: What is copyright?

For guidelines on aspects of copyright and licensing that are particularly relevant to specific groups see:

Principals and trustees | Teachers and contractors | Library staff | Students | Parents and whānau

To aid users, the website has sections which focus on the aspects of copyright that are most likely to affect people in specific groups. These sections are:

This section provides information about the different types of copyright licences available in New Zealand and which organisation to contact depending on what type of work it is.

Copyright and privacy interact over the publication or showing of identifying information about students, most often photographs and videos of students.

Policies, contracts and permission forms. It is always advisable to seek legal advice before finalising the wording of any contractual agreement.

 A list of related links and useful websites.

Information about the Copyright disclaimer.

This section outlines the terms of use which apply to this website.